Proficiency through Awareness and Participation

Professional and laypeople may now integrate the PATH process into their approaches to health, education and environment, equipped with the skill-sets and methodologies necessary to practise Participatory Awareness. The key is learning the skill of enhancing conscious awareness to open up subconscious and superconscious layers of the mind and entering into internal partnerships with these different parts of self.  Inner blocks and self restrictions can thereby be removed and hidden resources awakened.  This provides the inner foundation for  external partnerships to flourish -personal relationships, patients, clients, learners or nature.

Our workshops take you through the PATH experience and process in all its depth and subtlety, making use of visionary, artistic and dramatic activities in dynamic group participation. You will emerge with both the practical skills and theoretical foundation on which to build your own applications of Participatory Awareness.


There is a need among many health practitioners to explore a way of learning and healing that goes beyond the endless gathering of information and to develop through one’s own experience and through the acquisition of tools and skills, an expanded awareness of health and healing.

This is a training that will expand and transform your awareness, management and transformation of your self, your patients / clients and the world in which you live. It will equip you to explore your inner soul life, where all awareness begins, enabling you to gain broad insight into the deeper causes of illness in your patients or clients, and to enhance your healing processes.

It will embrace the interconnectivity of all things through a participatory approach and an immersive exploration  into the interrelationships between body, mind/soul and spirit and their living interconnection with the surrounding world of nature, humans, society, the planet and cosmos.

Using the PATH Method as a tried and tested roadmap and language, we will explore all aspects relating to health, ill-health and healing in a science-based, artistic, nature-supportive, sacred soul-spiritual, fun-filled, community-honouring and experiential-driven manner.

The training is divided into 6 levels, each level consisting of three monthly modules. Each level is based on the universal learning process that spans the three dimensions of human participatory existence: Intrapersonal interaction with Self (I)interpersonal participation with Partners (You) and transpersonal interconnection with Community (WE); the three modules of all six levels are constructed around these three loci of experience. Each level is a self-contained unit that builds an experiential foundation for the next level. Level 6 will qualify you as a participatory integrative health practitioner, counsellor, coach and workshop facilitator. All modules are CPD Accredited.

The topics of learning are drawn from the vast human continuum of body soul/psyche and spirit in connection with the four nature kingdoms, the four elements, human biography, human and societal engagement in health and ill-health, planetary and cosmic connections.

The themes for each level are provided in the links below

Foundation for an Integrative and Intuitive Healing 

  • MODULE 1 –  ‘ I ‘   Dimension Intrapersonal Alliance
  • MODULE 2 –   ‘ YOU’  Dimension Interpersonal Alliance
  • MODULE 3 – ‘ WE’  Dimension  Transpersonal Alliance

Doorways to an Integrative and Intuitive Healing

  • MODULE 4 –  ‘ I ‘   Dimension Intrapersonal Alliance
  • MODULE 5 –   ‘ YOU’  Dimension Interpersonal Alliance
  • MODULE 6 – ‘ WE’  Dimension  Transpersonal Alliance

Transformational Resources for an Integrative and Intuitive Healing

  • MODULE 7 –  ‘ I ‘   Dimension Intrapersonal Alliance
  • MODULE 8 –   ‘ YOU’  Dimension Interpersonal Alliance
  • MODULE 9 – ‘ WE’  Dimension  Transpersonal Alliance

Human and Social Empowerment  for an Integrative and Intuitive Healing

  • MODULE 10 –  ‘ I ‘   Dimension Intrapersonal Alliance
  • MODULE 11-   ‘ YOU’  Dimension Interpersonal Alliance
  • MODULE 12 – ‘ WE’  Dimension  Transpersonal Alliance

Counselling and Leadership Training for Transformational Healing

  • MODULE 13 –  ‘ I ‘   Dimension Intrapersonal Alliance
  • MODULE 14 –   ‘ YOU’  Dimension Interpersonal Alliance
  • MODULE 15 – ‘ WE’  Dimension  Transpersonal Alliance

Reuniting Medicine and Psychology in Participatory Healing Practice

  • MODULE 16 –  ‘ I ‘   Dimension Intrapersonal Alliance
  • MODULE 17 –   ‘ YOU’  Dimension Interpersonal Alliance
  • MODULE 18 – ‘ WE’  Dimension  Transpersonal Alliance


Title:  Foundations to PATH to Health

Main Themes:

  • Introduction to PATH to Health
  • Introduction to the PATH Method
  • Awareness Architecture
  • Participatory Architecture
  • The Anthropos – the whole human being
  • Biography 1
  • Ways of learning based on 9 modes of learning


  • Participatory Medicine / Participatory Healing
  • Whole person / Whole World Health and Healing
  • Elements of the PATH Method
  • PATH Ethics
  • 4 Gateways of Awareness
    • Thinking – Sensing – Feeling – Willing4 States of Awareness
  • Sleep – Dreaming – Waking – Superwaking
  • 3 Participatory Dimensions
    • I  – YOU –  WE
  • 2 Centres of Awareness
    • Lived experience – Reflective Awareness
  • 2 World Realities
    • Sense perceptible – Supersensible
    • Participatory AwarenessParticipatory AllianceParticipatory Action
    • Discovering the Body
    • Exploring the Psyche as blocks and resources
    • Finding the Spirit in the Wish and the Witness
  • Child Development -1st Seven Year Period
    • The Biographical Road Map  
  • Goethean Observation 1,2,3
  • Artistic Immersion 1,2,3
  • Movement 1,2,3
  • Dance – Music 1,2,3
  • Partner work 1,2,3
  • Journaling 1,2,3
  • Master Class processing 1,2,3


Learning to use the Path Method Skillset  as a deep learning process for personal and professional growth

  • Transforming intellectual thinking into living thinking
  • Expanding the 5 senses into 15 senses
  • Enhancing the feeling life into an intuitive resource
  • Learning to use will-expression as a gateway to intuitive living

Acquiring Basic tools for enhancing diagnosis and therapy

Discovering the threefold Participatory Alliance for Self, Partners and Community and applying it in daily life

Activating the path of Self Knowledge

Title: Doorways to PATH to Health 

Main Themes: 

  • PATH Method Development
  • The 3 FOLD Doorway
  • The 4 FOLD Doorway
  • Principles of Health
  • Biography 2
  • Diving into the Psyche
  • Special themes:   Birth    Embryology    World Evolution
  •  Ways of learning


  • Focus on Body – Psyche /Soul – Spirit
  • Developing the Participatory Alliance 
  • The Tripartite Human:
    • Body Psyche / Mind     Spirit
    • 3 Fold Universal Bodily Systems
    • Neuro Sensory System
    • Rhythmic System
    • Metabolic Limb system
    • 3 Kingdoms of Nature:    Mineral Plant  Animal
    • 4 Ethers
    • 4 Elements
    • 4 Temperaments
    • 4 Human Sheathes
    • 4 Gateways of Awareness
  • In Search of a Humane Medicine
  • Health Ill health Healing
  • Child development -2nd Seven Year period  –
  • Dancing with Angels and Demons
  • Overcoming Restrictive Thinking
  • The Stress Paradigm – Part 1
  • Goethean Observation 4,5,6
  • Artistic Immersion 4,5,6
  • Movement 4,5,6,
  • Dance – Music 4,5,
  • Partner work 4,5,6
  • Journaling 4,5,6
  • Master Class processing 4,5,6


Deepening the Path Method Skillset  as a transformative learning process for personal and professional growth

  • Enhancing whole person awareness and deepening the art of self observation
  • Understanding and applying the supersensible “energetic”  dimensions of the 3 Fold and 4 Fold Systems as the realities behind symptoms
  • Extending personal and professional tools for understanding self, partners and alliances
  • Exploring the Path of Self Knowledge through different doorways: inner cognitive path, nature, art media

Title: Transformational Resources for PATH to Health

Main Themes:

Path Method focus on the PSYCHO-SOMATIC connection

Developing the Participatory Alliance  further – level 3

The 7 FOLD SYSTEM – The Psyche / Soul

  • 7 Planetary Forces
  • 7 Life Processes
  • 7 Archetypes
  • 7 Chakras
  • 7 Primary Metals
  • 7 Days of the Week
  • 7 Grains
  • 7 Aspects of Will

Principles of Pathology

Characters on the Stage of the Psyche

Empowerment processes

Resources for Transformation and Healing

Compassion and Empathy


Child development 3rd Seven Year period – BIOGRAPHY 3

Development of Logic, Personality and Sexuality

Common Psycho-Social Issues

Overcoming Addictive Thinking and Behaviour

The Light Metabolism

Therapeutic Alliance

A Road Map of Therapy

  • Nature remedies mineral metal plant animal
  • Elemental remedies: warmth. air, water, earth
  • Light
  • Diet
  • Movement
  • Artistic
  • Psychotherapy

Case Studies

Ways of learning

  • Goethean Observation
  • Artistic Immersion 7,8,9
  • Movement 7,8,9
  • Dance – Music 7,8,9
  • Partner work 7,8,9
  • Journaling 7,8,9
  • Master Class processing 7,8,9


Developing the Path Method Skillset  further as a path and method for deep personal and professional growth and transformation

  • Further deepening of the science and art of self awareness, enhancing whole person faculties of thinking, perceiving, feeling and will -expression
  • Understanding the supersensible “energetic”  dimension of the 7 Fold System as the reality behind psycho-emotional symptoms
  • Further development of personal and professional tools for transformational healing
  • Learning the art of developing compassion, empathy, detachment and resilience
  • Expanding Self Knowledge through your chosen pathways

Title:  Human and Social Empowerment  for PATH to Health

Main Themes:

  • PATH Method Development
  • The 12 FOLD Doorway
  • 12 Zodiac Constellation / Horoscope
  • 12 Cranial Nerves
  • 12 Monthly Sun Rhythm
  • 12 Senses
  • The Practice of Health and Healing
  • Biography 4
  • Psycho Social Issues
  • Special themes
  • Ways of learning
    • Goethean Observation 10,11,12
    • Movement 10,11,12
    • Artistic Immersion 10,11,12
    • Dance – Music 10,11,12
    • Partner work 10,11,12
    • Journaling 10,11,12
    • Master Class processing 10,11,12


PATH Method focus on the Psycho-Spiritual connection

Enhancing  the Participatory Alliance

Social Ethic

Awakening to the Higher Self – the I

Blocks and Resources


The Stress Syndrome Part 2

Truth Beauty Goodness

Biography 4 –  Adult development 21 -42 years

The Transformation of Medicine in our Times

Human and World Correspondence 2

The Gift and Blessing of Illness

The Path of Pain and Suffering

Learning to make remedies


Overcoming Self Restriction through Conscious and Creative Self Expression

Psycho Social Issues

The Warmth Metabolism and Fever


Enhancement of  the Path Method Skillset  for human and social empowerment and transformation

  • Further deepening of self awareness using imaginative faculties for intuitive insights and healing
  • Understanding the supersensible “energetic”  dimension of the 12 Fold System as spiritual  reality
  • Learning to know the doorways of attachment, pain and suffering to access higher experience
  • Discovering the connections between Self and world
  • Applying all tools and skillsets to the social life

Title:  Counselling and Leadership Training for PATH to Health

Main Themes: 

PATH Method focus on the Body Soul Spirit Continuum

Participatory Alliance in Counselling and leadership

Leadership Ethics

Principles and Practice of Counselling

Principles and Practice of Leadership

Principles and Practice of Workshop facilitation

Community and Collaboration

Open source Training

Biography Adult Development 42 – 49 years – the Jupiter  Years

Healing Modalities

  • Anthroposophic medicine
  • Homeopathy
  • Phytotherapy
  • Psychotherapy
  • Body healing
  • Energy Healing

Prenatal and Post Mortum experiences

The Cycle and Rhythm  of Life and Death

Dimensions of the Higher Self – I Centred Awareness

Overcoming Stress Responses and Reactivity

Development of Psychotherapy –

Schools of Psychotherapy

Standing on the Shoulders of Therapeutic Giants and Geniuses

Transpersonal Psychology

Psychosomatic Healing

Intuitive Healing

Energy Healing

Master Class 5

Case Studies

Diseases Syndromes

  • Cancer – disease of our Times
  • Covid 19
  • Auto Immune Diseases
  • Inflammatory Diseases
  • Sclerotic / Degenerative Diseases
  • Stress Syndrome

True and False Spiritual Paths

  • Ways of learning
    • Goethean Observation 13,14,15
    • Movement 13,14,15
    • Artistic Immersion 13,14,15
    • Dance – Music 13,14,15
    • Partner work 13,14,15
    • Journaling 13,14,15

    Master Class processing 10,11,12


Enhancement of  the Path Method Skillset  for Counselling Clients, leadership training and workshop facilitation

  • Deepening of self awareness using listening and inspirational faculties for community transformation and healing
  • Deepening understanding of the Higher Self
  • Learning the art of Participatory Counselling
  • Connecting Self Knowledge to World Knowledge through Participatory health and healing pathways
  • Deepening your Conscious Path of Living

Title:  Reuniting Medicine and Psychology for PATH to Health

Main Themes:

PATH Method in the Consultation Setting

The Participatory Alliance in the Consultation Setting

Intuitive Ethics

Principles and practice of Integrative and Intuitive Consulting

Advanced Diagnostics and Therapy

Heile Wille – the WILL to Heal

Principles and Practice of Participatory Research

BIOGRAPHY 6         Adult Development 49-56  years and beyond

Holistic Dying

Meaning and Purpose – Logotherapy

Principles and Practice of Contemplation, meditation and Spiritual Therapy

Sacred Community Healing

Imagination, Inspiration, Intuition

The Future of Medicine

Making Plant Tinctures without Alcohol – Warmth / Light Preparations

Disease Syndromes

  • Lung Diseases – Earth Pathology and therapy
  • Liver Diseases – Water Pathology and therapy
  • Kidney Diseases – Air Pathology and therapy
  • Heart Diseases – Warmth Pathology and therapy
  • Migraine Syndrome
  • Cancer therapy
  • Palliative Care

Case Studies

Ways of learning

  • Goethean Observation 16, 17, 18
  • Movement 16, 17, 18
  • Artistic Immersion 16, 17, 18
  • Dance – Music 16, 17, 18
  • Partner work 16, 17, 18
  • Journaling 16, 17, 18

Master Class processing 16, 17, 18



Enhancement of  the Path Method Skillset  for Integrative and Participatory consulting for Health practitioners, psychologists and coaches

  • Deepening of self awareness using Integrative and intuitive faculties for health consultations
  • Learning to re-unite medicine and psychology
  • Exploring the root causes of illnesses
  • Activating Transformative and Intuitive healing
  • Discovering life meaning and purpose
  • Deepening the art of Participatory Counselling



Such a powerful tool for transformation and so well presented, I highly recommend this training for any therapist wishing to support their clients to higher levels of wellbeing.

Dr Jon Morley
Integrative Medical Doctor South Africa