It is used in the consultation setting  as an integrative and participatory approach to medicine and healing that significantly enhances diagnosis and therapy.

It does this by the skill set described in the Method whereby conscious self awareness uses the four gateways of awareness – visualization, feeling, body awareness and body expression – to drop into the subjective experience of the body-mind narrative.  Using the body as an instrument of expression, the symptoms of illness are seen for instance as a person in pain or in anguish, allowing the deeper psycho-social causation of the medical condition to become apparent.  These can be swiftly explored and effectively removed in the same consultation or at a later appointed PATH counseling session.

PATH Healing is applied as a deep healing potential for all chronic illnesses whose deeper causation through human life experience lies buried in the bodies memory. This leads gradually to functional and ultimately structural disturbances resulting in the multiple chronic illnesses of our time that defy healing by conventional means – heart disease, diabetes, depression, obesity, cancer.  It can also be used to diagnose and treat acute illness. Thus a patient with acute eczema may discover the deep seated psycho emotional irritation that lives beneath the skin.

The participatory psycho-developmental counseling sessions  use the same methodology to gain rapid access to deep psycho-emotional layers of experience and self-empowerment.  The clients discover themselves how to explore their inner life and become aware of hidden patterns and blocks, buried riches and potentials.  They learn the skill set to empower themselves to clear past impositions and current chronic problems and with their newly found resources to access new possibilities for independent living, heightened creativity and the realization of their full humanity.

PATH facilitates effective recovery from addiction, past sexual and other abuses, reactions, projections, panic and anxiety disorders, dysfunctional behaviour patterns, relationship difficulties, burn-out, trauma, fatigue, creative blocks and a whole range of psychosomatic issues. It enables a deep and intimate connection to one’s Inner Child, Inner Man and Woman and to the deeper meaning of one’s experience, purpose, direction and meaning in life.

The method is a life skill set that practitioner, patient and counseling client can make use of for their own personal health maintenance, self transformation and self healing.

It is in addition a powerful participatory tool for creating therapeutic partnerships with oneself and with one’s consultative or therapeutic partner leading to scientifically proven better healing outcomes