Overcoming Addictive Thinking and Behavior: Your Path to Inner Freedom

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This is an interactive workshop in which participants will be taken from the phenomena of experience into the heart of the psyche. There, they can discover the psychological formations that make up all aspects of their personality, and learn how to consciously work with these fixed forms to bring about desired change. We move, share, jump, dance and listen. It is truly an environment where Universality is felt and we get to learn just how alike we are.

WHEN: JAN 29 – FEB 3, 2017

WHERE: Esalen

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esalen-cliffs-with-logo  Our reality and experience in life are determined by the character position in which we find ourselves. This position may be historically determined through social conditioning, or ingeniously through the character we create for ourselves for optimal security and comfort. It changes constantly through our interaction with the world and with ourselves. A stern voice of your headmaster, a disapproving parent who voice has become internalized and subconsciously steers your waking days. Are these the best positions for effective living, the voices of others driving our daily flow? Are these imprints the root cause for unsustainable health? For example, isn’t the character position of “always wanting to please others” restrictive and limiting? Is the subconscious position of “neediness that quests for gratification” the force that lies behind addictive behavior? Want to replace this imprint with something more encouraging, less judgmental, kinder? We are able to shift our imprints.




DSCF0716Dr. Raoul Goldberg will present his approach to Participatory Medicine and Participatory Psycho-development;
We get to see how to step out of our busy minds to observe ourselves in a moment, showing us how we can find out where we are at all times. When we know who we become and in what position we are, we can choose to shift this position and create the character of our own choice for maximizing our life potential. Simply put we learn quite easily to step into our own internalized characters we create that can support our anxious self, or hyper, or angry being. We can begin to unpack the cast of characters in a fun safe creative way and pair them up with one’s own internalized imprints we create; they will begin to show up once you create them and perhaps reactivity is not longer the reflex to triggers.




He is supported by PATH Facilitator Dana Smirin who has been developing the work with him for the past 6 years, herself having come out of a 7year dance with active Cancer which drove her to deeply visit within, meeting the characters that drove her life allowing her to realize how highly reactive and triggered she lived her life. She was in constant adrenal overdrive with a busy type-A professional life. She ignored chronic fatigue and all health signals because her needs to do, prove and please had her blind to the gentle signs of her bodies exhaustion. Smirin is now in Remission and experiences life from a different perspective and is still managing to hold a full life far more creatively driven in her entrepreneurial work.





“One of the most powerful, accessible and cost-effective psychotherapeutic tools I have witnessed. It can be used for a broad range of conditions both psychological and physical. It enables people to discover the root cause of issues in a safe environment and supports them in participating in their own healing. I believe it would have a revolutionary impact and I hope to see it available to the public.”  Dr Shivon Dawson – Integrative Psychiatrist 

“The single most powerful experiential technique or therapeutic tool for self discovery. It is safe, empowering and will revolutionaries the need and dependency on psychotherapy because it cuts to the heart of the limiting issue. This has been a profound and moving experience,” Dr Rene Nassen  – Head of Child Clinical Unit, Lentegeur Hospital/Stellenbosch University South Africa



About Dr Goldberg

Dr Raoul Goldberg has practiced Integrative Medicine for 40 years. He did 7 years of postdoctoral work in Integrative Medical Clinics in Switzerland and Germany after medical school . He is an avid learner and is currently a Transpersonal Psychology PhD Candidate at the Californian Institute of Integral Studies. Dr Goldberg has developed a unique brand of integrative medicine which combines anthroposophical medicine, homeopathy, functional medicine, nutritional medicine and psychophonetic counseling, where the patient or client is an active partner in the diagnostic and therapeutic program. His passion is treating patients at his Integrative Medical Clinic that he has managed for 35 years, where he supports his team including nurses and training younger doctors. Dr. Goldberg is the author of two books: “Awakening to Child Health” (Hawthorn Press, UK) and “Addictive thinking and Behaviour in Childhood and Young Adults – A Path to Freedom” (Floris Books, UK) and numerous other publications on Integrative Medicine and Child Health. His new book on Participatory Healing is due for publication in 2017. He lectures and also teaches workshops to doctors, therapists, teachers and other integrative healers in the UK, South Africa and USA at places like the Esalen Institute and the Quadrangle Trust. Dr. Goldberg is an active member and co-founder of South African Complementary Medical Association (SACMA) in 1991. He spends an hour each morning doing active yoga and exercise and loves walking mountains with his Anatolian Sheep Dog, Mika.