The Seminars are a practical means of learning how to awaken ones inner knower, physician, mentor or caregiver as the essential step for understanding, healing and caring for oneself. In return, these inner resources equip one to understand, heal, care, innovate for others, in whatever line of work. The participant acquires the ability to experience on a deep level what is living in the person they work with, or to empathically experience the hidden nature of the sense perceptible world (minerals, plants, animals, nature, body, world). This intuitive knowledge is garnered through the powerful tools of heightened sensing and feeling, deep empathy and inner resourcing. Essentially, this interactive process is beneficial in a two-fold way, awakening a healing process internally, that is reflected externally in the ability to teach, heal or care for the other.

These seminars can be of variable duration from 1 to 7 days and will penetrate the topic as deeply as time allows. The Programme can be developed to suit your organization’s needs.

Outcomes of Seminars

  • Discovering a rich inner world that can either hinder or enhance our clear perception of life.
  • Learning to enhance the use of the given instruments of human experience – perceptions, feelings, thinking and expressive-will based soul activities.
  • Acquiring the tools needed to understand and care for ourselves and the children, learners, clients in our care.
  • Learning how to apply the skills of heightened sensing and feeling, deep empathy and creative inner resourcing in our every day interactions.

Seminar designs:

All are customizable to the intended audience in the forms of lecture, seminars, workshops which can be integrated into academic course loads, empowerment seminars, conflict-resolution situations.

Dr Goldberg and his team will work directly with the client to establish needs and develop a programme that meets the needs.