In this blog we shall examine some of the most powerful blocks that are deeply entrenched today in the modern human being.

Most people have a mono-identity

We tend to see ourselves as one composite human being with a particular gender, identity, character, value system, roles, functions, past and future. It is not that common for a person to recognize himself as a multi-layered personality where each character is completely different to the next. We play many different roles and have many different personality aspects operating inside of us. We are one and the same person with many different facets and can become just about any character given the right or wrong circumstances. This is the power of the human psyche that acts like a giant mirror and sounding board for everything out there in the bigger world. It is a limited and restricted way of thinking to believe we are mono identified.

We are attached and conditioned to many internal partners

These come in the form of past events, human relationships, belief systems, value systems, material objects, inner characters, illusory hopes and dreams – all of which create dependency and limit our potential and creativity.

We have powerful characterological partners inside us who are committed to holding on to specific attachments which provide security, comfort or pleasure. These attachments arise out of original partnerships with people, life experiences, ideas or long term conditioning, leading to well- trained habits in thinking, feeling or behaviour that serve specific needs. These characters may fully control our awareness experience, resulting in fixed attitudes, reactive responses, immoral actions and lifestyles that leave no room for anything new.

These conditioned attachments are memorized into the mind / body system

Memory pictures can be called up through conscious effort or arise spontaneously through some association or trigger stimulus. They may live in us as thoughts, or pictures or activate very personal dreamlike feelings or even body sensations. Memories are powerful partners within us that bind us to the past, evoking past experiences and compelling us to re-member and often re-enact these old attachments.

Where is the memory stored, where is the archive of life experiences hidden? This is a question that continues to elude science. The answer probably lies in resonance and vibration. A violin string produces a particular sound according to its rate of vibration or resonance. The sound is produced by the one who plucked it, the way he plucked it, how sensitively he plucked it. Every soul experience has an effect on the musical strings of the body, on the life forces, causing it to resonate in frequencies that are stored in a vast sound memory bank that permeates the cellular organism. Steiner describes this organized system of life forces as the resonating and vibrating etheric or life body that gives life, as we have seen, to the physical mineral body. It has the capacity to store soul experiences as resonating frequencies that can be re-membered consciously or by association with awareness that carries a similar frequency. Just as the soft sand beneath the water surface allows the specific movement of the water to imprint and hold its form in a pattern within it, so does the life body as the organ of memory absorb and copy awareness impressions. Outer impressions, become inner experience which is transcribed through resonant frequencies into the human body.

Habitual attachments create dependency on a partnership leading to subordination and restriction in thinking and creativity

We should be clear that any form of conditioning will lead to the habitual attachment to thinking and behaving in a set way, creating dependency on the particular partnership, sometimes with disastrous consequences. This has resulted in the sociological disasters of Apartheid, Nazism, the genocides of Pot Pol and Ruanda, where mind conditioning led to absolute subservience that was used in the service of immoral powers.

We can observe our inner and outer behaviour patterns and discover we are hooked into doing things a particular way because they provide us with the greatest comfort, safety and security. We may recognize they have been there from our earliest memory and that we ourselves must have created them as a young child. We do this as an ingenious psychological means of survival.

These internal behaviour patterns are a form of dependency which is habitual and soothing, but which does not require any outside interventions to bring about relief. This requires no prompting by parents, and is created ingeniously by the child himself as he grows up in response to the encounter with his inner and outer environment. Through constant repetition, these behaviour patterns become embedded in the invisible matrix of the psycho-somatic continuum as an habitual and reflex response to life. Because they are so deeply ingrained in subconscious reflex behaviour responses, they will have a major impact on an individual’s life.

To the extent that they are repetitive and inflexible behaviour patterns designed to bring relief to a threatening or uncomfortable situation, we may call them addictive behaviour patterns. They provide, like any addictive agency, the comfort and security, in quelling or avoiding pain, because there is no other support to meet the child’s deeper inner needs. And even though these actions may cause grave consequences, for the one in need, all that matters for him is the safety and security that this behaviour provides.

When we examine our typical behaviour responses and our ingrained behaviour patterns, we will probably find that these inner psycho-somatic formations are at the core of many of our life issues. We will keep coming back to these fundamental behaviour patterns as the major if not essential causes of our difficulties in life . We will discover that they are so imprinted in our subconscious feeling and behaviour responses that most of the time we don’t realize that we are doing them. We will start to realize, sometimes with shock and amazement, that we are manipulated and controlled by the power of this persona in much the same way as a drug addict is controlled by a drug.

In the next blog we will examine further how powerful wide-spread doctrines limit the scope of our humanity and our development.