Empower yourself in the Age of Climate Change

Empower yourself in the Age    of Climate Change

Fires,sea level rise,heatwaves,dying bees,climate refugees.

Feeling helpless on how to unpack it?
How to be effective in this time of change.

Psychologists see Climate fatigue as a health burden.

Join us to reframe the way you engage with Climate Change.

Dr. Raoul Goldberg MD 
of the PATH Method
Sustainability strategist Dana Smirin
will facilitate workshops in various cities with:

Hardin Tibbs               Quadrangle Trust London, UK October 24-25 2015
(Coined Industrial Ecology and the Circular Economy)
Michael P. Totten                        IONS, Petaluma CA November 2-3 2015
(Former Conservation International Chief Advisor,Climate, Energy & Green Tech)
Kat Steele                            OCSC Sailing, Berkeley November 5-6 2015
(Esalens’ former Sustainability Manager & Founder, Urban Permaculture Guild)

~ A journey in Personal development and the discovery of hidden human potential and power.

~ Awakening to one’s higher objective awareness in a safe environment with a fundamentally positive orientation and intentionality.

~ Exploring one’s subconscious awareness landscape, especially in regard to inner climate change sensitivity and reactivity.

~ Moving from a place of fear/ anxiety/ despondency to creative reframing and a positive way forward.


~ A participatory experience that is capable of releasing hidden psychological blocks and awakening dormant resource treasures.

~  A unique opportunity for enhancing your personal health in relation to Climate Change issues and giving you a new framework to engage with it.

~ Help shift the fixed position you see Climate Change, from a thinking, emotional and sensitivity perspective.

~ This is the depth empowerment process that society needs to catalyze creative solutions.

Therapists of any type.
People who work within the environmental sector.
Professionals who feel climate is effecting their work.
Parents concerned about their childrens’ future.
Those wishing to do something to make an impact within your daily lives.
Those who are overwhelmed by it all 

We will explore our unique responses we each have to the presentations, personify  the internal responses within our bodies, creatively express them and create/find one’s unique resources within to support ourselves, so that we can step into our Fullness, our “I” or creative being. The group context provides deep universality in one’s empowerment and empathy.

The workshops are interactive, wear comfortable casual clothes and prepare for outdoor activity. Each venue is designed to be in nature,OCSC Sailing right on the breaking waves of the Bay with lush green walks. IONS is on 194 acres of rolling hills with a labyrinth.Venues are under an hour from San Francisco. Guest presenter will bring their own unique flavor to the workshops, so each will differ.

Accommodation is optional.Teas, snacks and organic meals will be served. Pricing,hours,and further details per workshop can be foundhere (look out for early bird specials)

Space is limited to 30. Bursaries and financial support available upon request.

Dr. Goldberg will be teaching at Esalen Nov 15-20th on addictive behavior patterns such as workaholism, sanctioned or unsanctioned drugs, foods, destructive thoughts, anxiety etc. He has been practicing medicine for over 40 years and has studied conventional medicine and spent 7 years doing post doc work in Swiss Clinics taught by Rudolph Steiner’s pupils. He went on to study homeopathy, Functional Medicine, nutrition, botanical medicine, Acupuncture and is about to publish his third book on Participatory Medicine.
“It was impressive and moving to watch Dr. Goldberg in action at Esalen Institute with a young man suffering from drug addiction and emotional pain. Goldberg’s compassion, wisdom and the quality of his listening was astounding, and the results were truly remarkable.”

Allan Badiner – Contributing Editor, Tricycle Magazine