Test Event
May 28 all-day
Overcoming Addictive Behaviours and Thinking @ Path to Health Centre
Nov 7 @ 9:00 am – Nov 12 @ 5:00 pm

More information will be coming soon. But do join us to go deep into your inner world to find characters that will care for you inside so it spills into your outer world.

Dr. Nasha Winters and Dr. Raoul Goldberg present Mistletoe for Cancer Treatment
May 23 @ 9:00 am – 5:15 pm

From mythical to modern medicine applications, presenting the history, prescribing trends and soulful application of this century old adjuvant cancer therapy

Presented by two medical authorities in the field.

Dr. WInters will present the history and evolution of use of Miseltoe around the world. Review how it is used in different applications including IV protocols, current and past trials and results that have been found. Dr. Winters will explore how cancer is a loss of connection to self and other and mistletoe is a means to reconnect us. Later in the Day Dr. Winters will present on  The Metabolic Approach to Cancer” where Lifestyle, Epigenetics, Toxins and Immunity Intersect.

Dr. Goldberg Understanding the Etheric forces in Misteltoe Therapy. The etheric life body is comprised of 4 ethers; life ether, sound ether, light ether, warm ether. will show how these ethers can be recognized  in health and illness  and will explore the energetics and dynamics of the chi / etheric forces. Misteltoe is an agency of the  light and warmth ether, as it captures light and warmth and carries it down into the host tree- Cancer is a disturbance of the light ether and misteltoe regulates the light ether, which determines  the growth and differentiation of cells-  Thus when there is a disturbance in growth (tumor) there is disturbance in the light ether.

The Day will have curated conversation between presenters, Audience and plenty of time for questions and answers towards the topic and content presented. 

This is a private small event in a beautiful setting over the Constantia Green belt.