Watch. Feel. Listen.
Explore. Experience. Become.
Express your selves.

There are subconscious forces in you. They are all versions of ‘you’.
Bring them into the light of awareness.

Take a step in. A step out.
A step back…
Then take steps forward.


Be a partner to your parts. Be their ally. Be their guide. That’s the PATH to healing.

Be a partner to your parts. Be their ally. Be their guide. That’s the PATH to healing.

Move with whatever’s moving… and move it towards transformation.

Participatory Awareness for Transformational Healing (PATH) is a precise method of knowledge and action. It is a means towards bringing about transformation and healing on every level. It reveals the many parts that make up the human whole, brings them into consciousness, and engages them in a process yielding insight and empowerment.

The method is one of directed awareness and partnership, applicable individually, therapeutically, socially and ecologically. Participatory healing is its application in medicine and other therapeutic disciplines for both body and psyche. It creates a skill set for both practitioner and patient that enables insight into, and participation with, one’s awareness at all levels – subconscious, conscious and superconscious. Much of our ‘awareness’ lives as ingrained psychosomatic habitual patterns. These may be thought of as ‘selves’ or ‘versions of the self’ in their own right. They dwell in our subconscious depths, and come into play in response to particular conditions and stimuli, internal or external. Once aroused, they often control our lives and interfere with our health. Through PATH, the subject can explore and experience the full content of his subjective awareness, including the counter-productive ‘selves’… and express it through numerous communicative means – verbal, gestural, kinetic, musical, thespian and many more. Conscious awareness becomes a witness, and a participant. Constructive ‘partnerships’ are thus created between the conscious self and the subconscious forces. The partners together work upon long-established patterns of behaviour, which the conscious being can guide, manage and eventually transform into healthy new ones.



As a life skill for self-awareness, self-monitoring, self-regulation, self-empowerment, self-transformation.

For maintenance of health and multidimensional healing.

For use by health professionals to enhance diagnosis and therapy.

For managing health from a holistic and integrative perspective, thus transforming conventional medical practice.

For partners in any relationship as a means of constructively enhancing their connection.

For exploration and deepening of one’s engagement with the natural world.

For use in any corporate, civil, administrative, industrial, educational, academic, military, social or scientific milieu – as a new approach to pedagogy, research, parenting, politics, governance or any other social endeavor.