Free Stress Assessment at PATH to Health.

In a 30-45 minute the following will be collected from you:

  • Two salivary tests (Amylase and Cortisol through gathering your saliva in a tube)
  • Heart rate variability and skin conductivity measures (with electrodes on your body)
  • Questionnaire relating to your stress levels (Form and Dr. interview questions)

The findings of the assessment will be shared with you if too high by Dr. Goldberg and appropriate measures can be explored to reduce your stress.

Please click here to sign the digital Study consent form

that will then lead you to a page to pick a calendar date 

Participants must be 18 or older. We request to use de-identified data* for possible use in research. * (your name will not be collected with the data)

*  The stress assessment will be at Path to Health Centre, 19 Willow Road Constantia, Cape Town