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Participatory Healing – An integrative and Intuitive approach to understanding and managing chronic illness

August 18, 2017 @ 4:30 pm - August 20, 2017 @ 3:00 pm


How can we as whole-person health practitioners, understand and heal these deeply embedded patterns of illness? 

Chronic Illnesses are today the greatest challenge that faces Medicine.  Their causes and hence their healing are to be found in the integral biography of the patient whereby the psycho-social environment imprints itself into the body-mind continuum.

The PATH Method – Participatory Awareness for Transformational healing –  is an emerging form of Participatory Healing that offers a unique approach to this question. It offers a highly effective skill set for recognizing and healing the deeper causes of chronic illness.  At the same time it offers a practical training in the art and science of the participatory process that empowers practitioner and patient to rapidly access these deep insights and healing resources.  It goes beyond the giving out of information and is aimed at providing a new diagnostic and therapeutic toolset.

We invite you to join us in experiencing and learning this method that will equip you to explore how the psyche impacts physiology and to discover the psychosocial  factors that stand behind chronic illnesses.

Who can attend: Physicians, Naturopaths, Acupuncturists, Therapists and those involved in patient care and healing work.
How does the PATH Method reveal the underlying causes of disease?
  • By using the full spectrum of human experience, leveraging the faculties of Visualization, Body Awareness, the Felt Sense, Body Expressive Gesture, and Sound Resonance, the Four Gateway Systems approach takes both practitioner and patients into a direct experience of illness and healing resources.
  • By using the body as an instrument of expression and its precision as a mirror of what lives in the subconscious, both the root cause of the illness as well as the healing resource potential is made visible.
  • By reflective objective witnessing and insightful understanding, strategic steps can be formulated and action taken to transform habitual patterns into restorative healthy actions.
  • By means of a variety of cognitive, felt-sensed, artistic, dramatic- expressive and participatory awareness activities – with focused movement and music, those hidden domains that both hinder and enhance the healing process can be re-covered.
What else does the PATH Method offer?
  • A precise method for self awareness, empowerment and transformational healing.
  • A skillset based on human awareness and whole health systems for exploring sub conscious and super conscious layers of the psyche, enabling immediate access to intuitive faculties and dormant creative resources as well as habitual blocks and limitations.
  • Gateways to a more conscious and intuitive medical practice, providing in-depth and practical value for every diagnostic and therapeutic encounter.
  • Empowered partnerships with patients, clients, colleagues and ourselves
  • High level empathy and ethics for enhancing the therapeutic alliance, opening up doorways to a participatory and intuitive healing

The PATH Method provides experiential content for Functional Medicine, using an integral systems-oriented approach and engaging patient and practitioner in a high level therapeutic partnership. We welcome you to participate and to share in an evolutionary practice of medicine that addresses the healthcare needs of the 21st century.

Where: Institute of Noetics Sciences EarthRIse Retreat Centre. 194 acres of hilly terrain. With beautiful trails, hot tubs and labyrinth 30 minutes north of San Francisco

  • Shared room* $550                                        First come first serve basis
  • Single room   $680
  • Commuter including all meals**: $380           **We start at 9.30am and end 9pm with breaks

Group limited to a small size so sign up and take advantage of the Early bird special register before June 1 and get 25% off

“I have explored the mental-emotional-spiritual spectrum a great deal over the past 40 years, and have not previously encountered a system that is so teachable, efficient, and profound, in facilitating self discovery, and putting those discoveries to immediate productive use. It’s taken Raoul many decades to create and incubate the work, and it is clear to me that its now mature, and ready to go out into the world”. Dr. Dwight McKee, MD

“The single most powerful experiential technique or therapeutic tool for self discovery. It is safe, empowering and will revolutionise the need and dependency on psychotherapy because it cuts to the heart of the limiting issue. This is profound.”           Dr Rene Nassen, Head of Psychiatry Lentegeur Hospital

“Such a powerful tool for transformation and so well presented, I highly recommend this training for any therapist wishing to support their clients to higher levels of wellbeing” Dr Jon Morley, MD


DR  RAOUL  GOLDBERG; Raoul Goldberg, MD, is a South African Integrative and participatory medical doctor and psychotherapist and PhD candidate.  He is an international speaker, workshop facilitator, researcher and author with a special interest in self empowerment and self transformation.  Post medical school he spent 7 years being mentored by Rudolph Steiner’s pupils in Switzerland while working in local integrative clinics.  In Cape Town, South Africa he runs an Integrative Medical Centre where the PATH Method is used in clinical practice to enhance diagnosis and therapy.  He has a special interest in addictive behavior and his latest book, Addictive Behaviour in Children and Young Adults –the Struggle for Freedom, deals with this topic. His next two books on Participatory Health underpin the PATH Method and offer a foundation for an integrative and intuitive whole person health care.  In the PATH work he is supported by , PATH Method facilitator and Co-Director of the Syringa Integrative Health Centre.



August 18, 2017 @ 4:30 pm
August 20, 2017 @ 3:00 pm


Dana Smirin


101 San Antonio Road, , CA
Petaluma, 94952 United States
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