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An Integrative & Intuitive Approach to Understanding and Managing Chronic illness

January 19 @ 4:30 pm - January 21 @ 2:00 pm

With a combined 80 years of working as Integrative Medical Doctors with Cancer patients across several continents and cultures. Dwight Mckee and Raoul Goldberg come together to share what they’ve learned in relationship to the psyche and physiology in patients with chronic illnesses and how biomarkers are impacted by their psyche management.

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Raoul Golberg, MD, Phd Candidate                                                   Dwight Mckee, MD, Board Certified Oncologist & Hematologist

Chronic Illness is one of the greatest challenge to Medicine.  Their causes and hence their healing are to be found in the hidden biography of the patient and in the psycho-social imprinting in the body-mind continuum. Self-care in terms of diet, exercise, and stress management are important, but don’t reach deep rooted fears of death, pain, independence loss, both personal and enculturated responses to a diagnosis of cancer. 


“PATH Method is the most direct and actionable method I have come across in my 40 plus years of exploration of many perspectives on the transformational illness we call ‘cancer’ Dwight McKee, MD- Oncologist and Haemotologist

We know the psyche is crucial in either facilitating or preventing patients healing, yet reliable resources for the help that is needed is rare. Dwight met Raoul, immersed himself in learning and using the PATH Method, and experienced how immediately impactful PATH was on his life and physiology.  

How can we as whole-person health practitioners, understand and heal these deeply embedded patterns of illness?

The PATH Training Method is an emerging form of Participatory Healing that offers a unique approach to this question. It offers a practical training in the art and science of the participatory process that empowers practitioner and patient to rapidly access deep insights and healing resources.  It goes beyond the giving out of information and is aimed at providing new diagnostic and therapeutic tools. 

The workshop will focus on the three spheres of participatory activity that take place in every therapeutic setting:

  • the intra-subjective interactions and internal partnerships within the health practitioner and within the patient
  • the inter-subjective partnership between the practitioner and patient
  • the transpersonal alliance that exists between practitioner and patient

You will take away:

  • a skill set based on conscious human experience that opens up doorways to an integrative and intuitive healing and that allows rapid and easy access to sub conscious and super conscious regions of the mind-body continuum.
  • A variety of cognitive, felt-sensed, artistic, dramatic- expressive and participatory awareness activities – with focused movement and music – will be utilized to access these hidden domains that both hinder and enhance the healing process.

How the weekend will flow:

Dwight will set the stage for an experiential exploration of the PATH Method, a body-mind-spirit diagnostic and therapeutic tool for transformation and healing. He will explore the physiological interaction of fear, anxiety, and other types of stress with the immune response, and the outcomes in cancer patients, showing how their bio-markers are shifted.

Raoul will demonstrate how the PATH Method can both protect but also rectify these responses, as well as adding value to the practitioner with new tools for sensing and managing their patients’ unique emotional sensitivities.

Self-care in terms of diet, exercise, and stress management are important, but don’t reach deep rooted fears of death, pain, independence loss, both personal and enculturated responses to a diagnosis of cancer. Raoul will then immerse us in the PATH Method through our feeling and sensory capacities and open an inner world that most of us have never experienced. It will change the way you self care, engage with patients, extend a safe empathy that is a partnership that will change the way you practice medicine as a result of witnessing the psyche.


Please join us for this limited space at the Institute of Noetics Sciences Earth Rise Campus, 30 minutes north of San Francisco.

This workshop is aimed at the Integrative Medical Community.

Registration information:

Register here

Date: Jan 19 (4 pm arrival) ending after lunch1.30pm Jan 21 2018
  • Shared room: $480 ( We will attempt to match you up to serve your needs but can’t promise pairing you up if there is an odd number for shared rooms so sign up early)
  • Single room: $610 
  • Commuter Rate: $240 only includes you organic lunch.

Cost includes workshop and 3 organic meals each day and plentiful healthy teas and snacks and use of the hot tubs and walks in the beautiful Institue of Noetic Sciences Retreat Center‘s194 acres of hilly terrain. We will endeavor to match you into a shared room but if there is an odd number of participants we may not be able to comply. Sign up early and you are most likely to get what you wish for. 


January 19 @ 4:30 pm
January 21 @ 2:00 pm


Dana Smirin


101 San Antonio Road, , CA
Petaluma, 94952 United States
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