516KZs3+4gL._UX250_ Dr Raoul Goldberg has practiced Integrative Medicine for 40 years in Switzerland, Germany and the majority of his career in his homeland, South Africa. His work includes managing an Integrative Medical Centre and practicing as a clinical doctor and counselor, school doctor, international lecturer and health researcher. He is the author of two books: “Awakening to Child Health” (Hawthorn Press, UK) and “Addictive thinking and Behaviour in Childhood and Young Adults – A Path to Freedom” (Floris Books, UK) and numerous other publications on Integrative Medicine and Child Health. His new book on Participatory Healing is currently in writing and is due for publication in 2016.  He co-founded the South African Complementary Medical Association (SACMA) in 1991. Dr Goldberg has developed a unique brand of integrative medicine which combines anthroposophical medicine, homeopathy, functional medicine, nutritional medicine and psychophonetic counseling, where the patient or client is an active partner in the diagnostic and therapeutic program. He calls this participatory medicine or participatory healing. This approach to health and healing is based on the PATH method he has evolved which makes use of Goetheanistic phenomenological science, drama and movement therapy, therapeutic arts and crafts, pedagogical medicine and Psychophonetics. He writes about the PATH method in his books and teaches this in his workshops and seminars. He runs international PATH workshops for professionals engaged in healing, educational and environmental activities, and also conducts public workshops on health issues such as Overcoming Addictions and Integrative Cancer Management.




Dr Raoul Goldberg on the evolution of his learnings, teachings and practice

Because my father was a free thinker, a medical doctor and a writer with an avid love of literature, I grew up in a world of books and progressive ideas. As long as I can remember the world of soul and spirit has been a reality for me.  I can remember as a child living intensely in my feeling experience, creating my own inner secret world of soul reality.  The mind – body connection was likewise very real for me; for instance, I could bring on a tummyache when I did not wish to go to school. Since my medical student years, I have striven for insight into the nature of the human being as an integrated continuum of body, mind/soul and spirit – a pre-requisite for an holistic approach to diagnosis.

I was profoundly frustrated that the training was based on a materialistic understanding of the human being.  It seemed to me that the real human being was ignored completely, and intuitively I missed the training and skills that could access the whole person. I sought understanding from ayurvedic medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, as well as Eastern philosophical and spiritual traditions, but had to acknowledge that my roots lay in the Western Judaeo-Christian paradigm.

Finding anthroposophical spiritual science, and the medical system that evolved out of it, was like coming home for me, a newly qualified medical doctor. Its descriptions of the body-soul-spirit immediately resonated with my own intuitive experience, and I could with passion embark on my post-graduate studies in anthroposophical clinics and institutes in Switzerland and Germany, a seven-year apprentice journey gathering information, knowledge and experience from many doctors, scientists, teachers, artists, farmers and artisans engaged in anthroposophical endeavours. I was also driven to understand the interconnections between the human being and earthly nature, and between the human being and cosmic solar systems. I intuitively grasped that substances and energetic force fields from these natural and cosmic sources were the foundation for multi-faceted and individualized therapy.. READ MORE…