We Are Partners in Health and Healing

Participatory Medicine Part 1 We are constantly interacting and participating in our own health and healing. We are also participating in the health and healing of others. Our existence, our sustenance, our growth and self-regulation, as well as our healing can only... read more

The Mind Body Partnership

 How does Fear harm? How does Trust heal ? The partnership that has the greatest effect on health, ill-health and healing is the partnership between mind and body. These are two quite distinct organisations, constituted in totally different ways, yet only able to... read more

Our Partners In Illness

Participatory Medicine Part 2 In the previous article dealing with the theme of participatory medicine and healing, we explored our continuous interconnection and partnership with every aspect of life, with our bodies, with our world, with other human beings and with... read more

Our Partners In Healing

Self awareness is the starting part for all conscious healing. Through the simple act of becoming aware of yourself, you enter into a partnership with yourself, that may bring new insights, new intentions, new resolutions and new healing. The one partner is the... read more

A Participatory Approach To Cancer Treatment

A participatory approach to cancer treatment In last month’s issue, Dr Goldberg focused on light and sound frequencies as potential therapies for cancer. In this follow-up article he explores the impact of the psycho-spiritual on both the development and treatment of... read more

A New Light On Cancer Treatment

A new light on cancer treatment A relatively new, natural and non-toxic therapy using sound and light to destroy cancer cells is set to bring relief and hope to many cancer patients in South Africa. The goal of an effective cancer treatment must be to destroy cancer... read more

Understanding Addiction in Children and Adolescents

Addictive behaviour has become one of the most critical socio-cultural problems of our time affecting children as much as adults. Never before has a civilisation been affected by addictive tendencies as is happening today, and never has addiction affected children as... read more

The Three Births of Childhood

Birth is the coming into being of something that has attained a certain level of maturity after a period of inner, often hidden development. In this article, the three principal birthing processes of childhood are described. These births are the natural developmental... read more